Where is YOUR ‘Ridgway’?

       alizarin allure (74″ x 29″) the ‘Ridgway’ in the living room

I have to admit, the first time someone referred to a piece of my artwork as a ‘Ridgway’, it made me laugh. I had just finished installing the custom piece in the photo with the new owners, who already had several pieces of my work.  The wife was so excited she said “Now we have a ‘Ridgway’ in the living room, a ‘Ridgway’ in the family room, and a ‘Ridgway’ in the dining room!”   I realized it was a wonderful compliment of my art and how much she enjoyed having it in her home… and it made me smile.

So, I thought I’d start asking for photos of ‘Ridgway’ artwork in others collectors’ homes.  I love to see how people live with the art I’ve created.  I am still honored and a bit amazed that people want to live with my art in their homes and see it every day.  Thank you!

Here are some pictures of ‘Ridgways’ for you to enjoy.  Most of these are not custom pieces … that is for next time!

So, where is your ‘Ridgway’?  I’d love to see them.  Click on my email address to send me a photo at Angela@AngelaRidgway.com or click here to post on my Facebook page.



crimson solace  (35″ x 18″ x 35″)

A collector in East Sacramento, California saw this at my studio while I was working on a large commissioned installation for him.  Needless to say, the bell went home with him that day!




breath of life bell (36″ x 20″ x 20″)

KPMG Consulting in downtown Sacramento, California is showcasing this piece in a beautiful art niche in the reception area.___







midwest tree love (29″ x 34″)

I made this piece especially for a Moline, Illinois newlywed couple.  When they moved to Washington, DC they posted this picture on Facebook with the caption “Now we are officially moved in.”

tree passages



tree passages (36″ x 48″)

One of my first sales when I started selling in my studio gallery. It is hanging in the offices of Signature Landscapes in Reno, Nevada.



biased-reflections        catching-orbit-web

biased reflections (34″ x 24″ x 24″ ) and catching orbit (44″ x 35″ x 25″)

An outdoor garden setting in the Arden Arcade neighborhood of Sacramento, California (left) and a perfectly suited Roseville, California home.



static movement (76″ x 32″ x 32″)

A home in Washougal, Washington has a lovely graveled bed where this sculpture is a focal point.



nestled       tree-branch-chandelier-200

nestled (11″ x 11″) and tree branch chandelier (52″ x 52″ x 29″)

A small ‘Ridgway’ art piece adorning this artist’s door in Citrus Heights, California (left). A chandelier originally installed at the candle and home decor shop Beatrice Taylor at High Hand in Loomis, California (right).

          danicia        blake

sunlit serenity (11″ x 11″)

She is happy to finally get the art up in this cute couple’s home in Sandy, Utah.  They sent me these pictures of each of them in front of their ‘Ridgway’ wall.  It’s called this because he’s my brother, and the photo collage at the top is of my father cutting metal and tools and equipment from his shop.

fir tree light boxes (various sizes) & barn tree (24″ x 9″)

New pacific northwest style trees that found their homes in Radford, Virginia (top left), Rocklin, California (bottom left), Poway, California (middle), and Newcastle, California (right).

dream-delights-NYC-200   tree-whimsy-galore   corrogated-tree-300

dream delights (8″ x 13″), tree whimsy galore (36″ x 12″) with tendrils, and corrugated trees

A lovely staged bookcase in a New York City, New York apartment (left).  A home in Roseville, California shows off a some of the ‘Ridgways’ owned by this collector couple (middle).  Artwork seen from the outside patio in Sacramento, California (right).

re-blossom             vatech2-200

re-blossom (13″ x 48″)

Donated to the Virginia Tech Industrial and Systems Engineering Department in Blacksburg, Virginia and shown in one of the department conference rooms.

puffer-pals-200    puffer-pair     sea-me-200puffer pals (24″ x 11″ x 10″), puffer sweethearts, and sea me (23″ x 17″ x 5″)

These puffer fish add a bit of whimsy to a Bradenton, Florida home (left) and a bookshelf in Roseville, California.  The fish on sea me lives atop a bookshelf in a Yorkshire, England home office.

cosmic synergy (36″ x 11″), crimson dahlia (8″ x 8″), river of change (39″ x 17″ x 5″)

Various displays of ‘Ridgways’ in homes in Cape Coral, Florida (left), Citrus Heights, California (middle), and Orangevale, California (right).

time-weave         dogwood-200          droplets-200  time weave (29″ x 29″), engagement dogwoods (8″ x 8″), and droplets (24″ x 24″)

I love new art collectors!  A young lady bought time weave (left) as her first piece of original art.  (What an honor for me.)  And now, she and her husband have continued to put ‘Ridgways’ (and I’m sure other original art ) in their Sacramento, California home.

So, where is your ‘Ridgway’?


Where is YOUR ‘Ridgway’?

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