Is it May? Then my art must be in Vancouver & Beaverton!

I can’t believe it’s May already…where has the time gone?  Well, I know of a few places. March and April have been busy … I’ve been making art and picking up metal!  And in May and June, my art is on display in both Vancouver, Washington and Beaverton, Oregon.


earth bound (28″ x 61″)  & my journey of change (triptych, each piece ~ 24″ x 22″ x 7″)

In downtown Vancouver, Washington, I am showing with fellow metal artist Wendy Armstrong at the Sixth Floor Gallery in the Clark County Public Service Center.  For this show titled Wanderings, I created a few new wall pieces in my crop circle series, and added a few other wall sculptures too.

earth bound is the largest and is inspired by the earth bound by the sea. Or is the sea bound by the earth? I guess it depends on your perspective.  Which is it for you?

my journey of change is inspired by the sometimes difficult, sometimes well done, journey we all travel.  Our journeys are not independent, but stitched, or in this case welded, together.

triangles 2436 96
fractured earth, atlas fragmented, & two in time (table top sculptures)

In Beaverton, Oregon I am now represented at Art On Broadway!  The artists at this gallery are quite talented, so I am definitely honored to be among them.  I created a new table top triangle (or geometric) series to show in May and June.  Machine shop remnants were the initial inspiration for these, but many of them also have a organic and earth feel to them.  One of my favorites, fractured earth also has an earth and sea theme and is small enough for your desk or coffee table.

All of the pieces at both galleries are available now, so please contact me or Art On Broadway for purchase information.



loading for the drive to Washington

In addition to creating and showing art, I made a drive to Sacramento & Loomis, California in March to pick up some of my metal.  Yes, I had, and still have, ‘raw material’ that has been rusting away on a farm in Loomis.  Some of it made the trip up to Washington this time, and I will be back for more later.



As you see, it’s been a busy and productive couple of months. If you are in the greater Portland – Vancouver area, I invite you to visit my showings.  And it would be awesome to see you at the receptions!


Metal Art by Angela Ridgway & Wendy Armstrong

Sixth Floor Gallery, Clark County Public Services Building

1300 Franklin Street, Vancouver, WA

Open Monday – Friday 8am to 5pm

Reception  Friday June 3, 2016 5:30pm to 7:30pm

Art On Broadway

12570 SW Broadway, Beaverton, OR

Open Tuesday – Saturday 11am to 5pm


Saturday May 14, 2016 5pm to 8pm

Saturday June 11, 2016 5pm to 8pm

Thanks for being part of my art journey!


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Is it May? Then my art must be in Vancouver & Beaverton!

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