i ‘heart’ small town art!

I admit it, I like my small town.  Washougal, Washington has views of the Columbia River, the Gorge, and Mount Hood — all spectacular works of natural art.  But I also heart Washougal’s other art.

cape horn
Cape Horn Lookout – natural art in Washougal, Washington! (photo by Angela Ridgway)

Washougal is a town of about 15,000 people.  Here, art is as much about community as it is about art.  The town is small enough that art becomes personal.  You get to know the art and you get to know the people…the artists and the people that make art happen.

I had heard about the Washougal Arts & Culture Alliance from another metal artist who was creating more public art for the town.  The group seemed a little elusive … not much information about them anywhere online.  But I finally got connected with them earlier this year.  “WACA” as the group likes to call itself, was made up of 5 ladies (now 6 with me) who get “stuff” done in Washougal.  This group heart art … small art, big art, and all art in between.

Washougal Arts & Culture Alliance Board:  Rene’ Carroll, Joyce Lindsay, Heena, Angela Ridgway, Janice Ferguson, Suzanne Grover

There is no lack of ideas and imagination in this group, but the project WACA was working on when I got involved was the very first Washougal Art Festival, happening Saturday August 13.   It will be a small festival … it fits in Reflection Plaza in downtown Washougal.  But it will be a great showcase of local art, and it will be a fun time with art. For the kids, there will be an “Art Rocks!” area for rock painting and other art activities.  Ya gotta love it!  I may leave my booth and paint a rock for myself!

I’m excited for the buzz in our little town, and the continued focus on art in our community.  And I’m excited to be making art activities happen here, and bringing my art to the Festival. And hopefully to the town in the future!  And I am thankful to the ladies of WACA for welcoming me.  I do heart small town art!


Sat Aug 13  9am to 4pm  Reflection Plaza, Washougal, Washington

Join me at the very first Washougal Art Festival.  I will be showcasing some of my Asian inspired bells, my abstract art, and my Pacific Northwest inspired trees (wall art and light boxes).

inner wisdom bells, approx 12″ x 13″ x 13″
industrial crop circles 45″ x 33″
fir tree with moon 2372 sm.jpg
fir tree with moon 32″ x 17″

Find out more about the Festival at WashougalArtFestival.org or on the WACA Facebook page.

To see more of my art, go to my website at AngelaRidgway.com.

Join me on my continued art journey and I’m sure you will heart small town art too!

Stay tuned for more updates on my art … in small towns and elsewhere!  If you are interested in purchasing any of my art, please contact me!

heart art!


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i ‘heart’ small town art!

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