‘when darkness comes’ art

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some of the pieces in my show… check back here and on my website www.AngelaRidgway.com for more detail info on each piece.


01 just be here 96 crop
just be here (©2017 Angela Ridgway, 23″x20″x7″, repurposed steel)




just be here

don’t try to make me happy
just be here by my side
and let me know you care.





01 in my head crop 150
inside my head (©2017 Angela Ridgway, 12″x17″x3″, repurposed steel)


inside my head

thoughts jump
thoughts collide.
thoughts that are lies
become my truth.



01 facing the abyss 150
facing the abyss (©2017 Angela Ridgway, 41″x35″x3″, repurposed steel)



facing the abyss

I feel the abyss
enormous and consuming.
I look into it
and I feel small.
if I fall in
there is no me … anymore.




01 alone 150 crop
alone (©2017 Angela Ridgway, 15″x15″x7″, repurposed steel)




rationally, I am not alone
irrationally, I am alone
but logic doesn’t win …
I am in this world alone.





01 in the abyss crop 150
in the abyss (©2017 Angela Ridgway, 14″x10″, repurposed steel)




in the abyss

in the abyss
nothing has significance.





all art and images (c) 2017 Angela Ridgway

photography by Kevin McConnell

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